About Omenon

The lack of access to information, financial constraints and admin are usually some of the reasons why students do not search or apply for bursaries or part-time work.
Omenon aims to ensure that students (Grd10-12, college or university) no longer have to search or apply for bursaries or part-time work and companies no longer have to advertise or receive applications.
  • Students register and create a profile.
  • Through an intense filtering system, organisations filter students by any required personal and/or academic criteria.
  • Organisations search for the students with the intent of offering the opportunities.
  • All communication and/ or scheduling of interviews done on the Omenon platform.
  • No admin of applying multiple times for bursaries or part-time jobs.
  • An academic and social supportive structure created by grouping students.

The hope for a brighter future should not just be a dream attainable by a handful of privileged individuals, but by every deserving student from all corners of society” -Omenon