About Omenon

The lack of access to information, financial constraints and admin are usually some of the reasons why students do not search or apply for bursaries or part-time work.
Omenon aims to ensure that students (Grd10-12, college or university) no longer have to search or apply for bursaries or part-time work and companies no longer have to advertise or receive applications.
  • Students register by filling in their personal details, academic information and attach required documents.
    They can then upload a profile picture and a video of themselves (optional).
  • Through an intense filtering system, companies can filter students by any required personal and/or academic criteria.
  • Companies search for these students with the intent of offering bursaries or part-time work instead of students being the ones to search/apply for these opportunities.
  • Companies can use Omenon’s messaging system to offer sponsorship or part-time work and students will receive this notification in the form of an sms that will enable them to accept or reject the offer.
  • Omenon’s convenient performance monitoring system makes it possible for companies to offer sponsorships for higher education costs to students in Grade 10 or 11 to instill hope, motivation, drive and purpose in students at an earlier age.
  • An academic and social supportive structure is created for students by grouping them per college or university attending and course studying. Assistance provided by students to each other will be encouraged and monitored by the Omenon systems. FREE FOR STUDENTS & COMPANIES!!

The hope for a brighter future should not just be a dream attainable by a handful of privileged individuals, but by every deserving student from all corners of society” -Omenon